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All tools suffer wear, regardless of material. This happens due to the physical contact between the workpiece and the tool during the machining process. There are several ways to reduce wear and tear, but not how to eliminate it.

That way, every tool will have a useful life, and at the end of that life, we have two options: discard it or recondition it.

With the HANNA Regrinding service, the cutting edges of the tools are restored, returning to their original state. The equipment and processes are the same used in the manufacture of new tools, ensuring that the final quality of the re-sharpened tool is equivalent to the new one.

How is this?

When we receive the customer's tool for regrinding, our specialist department checks the feasibility of the service - analyzing the wear of the tool, and prepares a commercial proposal.

When regrinding is not possible, the tool is returned to the customer, identifying the reason for the unfeasibility of the work.

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