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80 anos de história e experiencia, trabalhando para o seu sucesso.

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Tradition and professionalism

Hanna is an industry specializing in the development of precision finishing tools. Its products are created through the demands and specifications passed on by each customer, performed by engineers, technicians, mechanics and other highly qualified professionals.

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    Main differentials

    Find out why so many customers trust Hanna Tools quality


    Qualified engineering staff
    and in line with the technological trends in the sector

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    Know-how for creating
    machining concepts and solutions that provide performance and performance suited to the customer's needs

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    Updated Industrial Park, with high-end equipment and resources

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    Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento

    Investimento constante em P&D e parcerias com as principais instituições de ensino e inovação.

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    SINCE 1942

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    Hanna é

    80 anos de história e experiencia,
    trabalhando para o seu sucesso.

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